Union Budget 2023: Economy and politics, can Nirmala Sitharaman save both?

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will present the Union Budget 2023 at a time when the Indian economy is facing sustained pressure from the worsening global economic slowdown. Her task will be even more challenging as it will be the government's last full-fledged budget before the general elections in 2024. Will she succeed in balancing the

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4 Reasons You Should Seek Out a Business Coach

So, you made the leap from being an employee to owning a business. Congratulations, you’ve just entered the ranks of becoming a soon-to-be entrepreneurial failure or a near-term startup success. Of course, the question becomes how do you stay alive as a newfound business owner? After all, being a subject matter expert in a particular

Building a Successful Business Network

Everyone talks about networking. But who is doing it right? Is there a right way to network? Ultimately networking is a way for you to give back and also get a little something in return Networking also is vital to help employees become their best selves and perform their best work. According to recent studies

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