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Are you looking for a way for you and your team to save time and always stay informed?

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We are a truly engaged community that come together for the greater good, to help one another and their businesses grow and improve. Opportunity, commercial advantage and a trusted to space to share and receive information are some of the key advantages for those who are fortunate to be Network Group members. Our members are committed to working collaboratively, sharing knowledge and best practice for the benefit of all in the Group.

Our focus is on building trusted relationships so that as people learn together, they can help each other, collaborate, keep each other on track, share experiences and progress. The community come together four times a year at our quarterly member events, with additional touch points through our facilitated peer groups and weekly check-ins.

One of the most powerful tools we provide is a facilitated forum for knowledge exchange and personal & professional development, via a carefully curated mix of peer mentoring, vendor-led content, thought leadership and business maturity sessions.

We seek out the right solutions and opportunities to grow your business and help you become more profitable. We have excellent relationships with preferred partners and distributors, giving you access to new products and services, so you stay ahead.

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Membership Features

Extend your information hub to a community platform. Get all the benefits of an information hub, plus the social features everyone knows and loves. Create the go-to platform for information in your field and provide extra value for members and increase engagement!


Send relevant info right into your users’ inboxes

Public or private

Make your hub accessible to anyone or members-only

Share information

Share information from any online source

Personal domain

Run your information hub on your desired domain

User control

Manage permissions and set user roles


Customize your hub according to your brand identity

Private messaging

Engage with your members and start discussions

Q&A Section

Allow members to ask questions, get answers and engage in in-depth discussions

Stay informed, stay ahead!

PEL Networks are designed to provide extra value for you and your peers by focusing on a crucial aspect: easy access to relevant information!

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Expert platform for your community

For associations, branch organizations, large research projects, NGOs, or other group of experts or professionals looking for a way to connect, engage and grow.

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Extra Value For Your Members

Create the go-to expert community platform in the field to provide your members with quick access to must-know information and news, and attract new members.

Engage Your Community

Provide your members with the social features everyone knows and loves, such as discussions, private messaging, user and company profiles, or upcoming events.

Easier Community Management

Reduce the time spent on community management to the minimum, by having automated news streams, automated newsletters, and empowering the community to manage itself.

Save Time Finding Information

Combine all your information sources in one place, and have all the information you need at your finger tips. Using news streams based on keywords or RSS streams, your information hub helps you to stay up to date and save time finding the information you need. No more checking countless news sources and wasting time on irrelevant information.

Organize And Filter Information

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of information coming your way? Not anymore. On your information hub, the information is organized according to the topics and subtopics you choose. Tags and filters allow you to further organize and refine the information, making it easy for you to quickly find what you’re interested in. Be it competitor-related news, an emerging trend, or a new project, the information you need is no longer drowned in noise.

See Relevant Information Only

To top it all, the information you get is always relevant. Keyword relevancy, source authority, your peers and machine learning rank the information, ensuring all you see is worthwhile. Immediately get a 1-minute summary, a relevancy indicator, and see why others found the information to be important.


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